iceland foss bw cropped rightThe author Jules Pretty is based at the borders of the counties of Suffolk and Essex in eastern England. He lives in the village of Nayland, and is Professor of Environment and Society and Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Essex.

Jules has written and edited several books on the braiding of nature and people, exploring the importance of place and the land for identity and health of individuals and cultures. Jules’ latest book, The Edge of Extinction, was published by Cornell University Press in October 2014. This Luminous Coast was also published in paperback.

His research centres on agricultural sustainability, nature and health, and consumption patterns and well-being.

Jules received an OBE in 2006 for services to sustainable agriculture, an honorary degree from Ohio State University in 2009, and was a visiting Professor-at-Large at Cornell University.

He is a Fellow of the Society of Biology and the Royal Society of Arts, former Deputy-Chair of the government’s Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment, and has served on advisory committees for UK, US and Swiss government departments and research councils.

He is Vice-President of Essex Wildlife Trust, the Rural Community Council of Essex and Community Action Suffolk (formerly Suffolk ACRE).

100 Hearts and Habits

The Edge of Extinction book cover100 Hearts and Habits is a year-long campaign to link with The Edge of Extinction.

The world needs a global movement to keep it from the edge of extinction. A happier, healthier planet is possible, if the affluent change. The campaign will last for one year, and use social media to raise engagement with the idea of adopting 100 Hearts and Habits (#100Hearts&Habits).

100 Hearts and Habits
Making Our Impacts Positive
A Hundred Hearts and Habits: A 100 Club to Keep the World from the Edge of Extinction