Biological Approaches to Sustainable Soil Systems

  • Biological Approaches to Sustainable Soil Systems book coverPublisher: CRC Press
  • First published: 2006
  • ISBN: 978-1-57444-583-9

Global agriculture is now at the crossroads. The Green Revolution of the last century, which helped developing countries meet their food needs for several decades, is now losing momentum. Rates of growth in food production are now declining, with land and water resources becoming scarcer, while world population continues to grow. We need to continue to identify and share the knowledge that will support successful and sustainable agriculture systems in this new century. These depend crucially on soil.

Biological Approaches to Sustainable Soil Systems brings together 102 experts from multiple disciplines and 28 countries to report on the science and the innovation going on for sustainable soil-system management. While accepting some continuing role for chemical and other external inputs in 21st-century agriculture, this book presents a variety of ways in which crops can be produced more abundantly and more cheaply with lessened dependence on the exogenous resources that have driven the expansion of agriculture in the past.

With 50 self-contained chapters, this original work provides researchers, practitioners, planners, and policy makers with a comprehensive understanding of the science and steps needed to utilize soil systems for the long-term benefit of humankind and the environment.

Chief Editor: Norman Uphoff