Handbook of Environment and Society

  • Handbook of Environment and Society book coverPublisher: Sage
  • First published: 2007
  • ISBN: 978-1-41291-843-5

The Handbook of Environment and Society focuses on the interactions between people, societies and economies, and the state of nature and the environment.

Editorially integrated but written from multi-disciplinary perspectives, The Handbook of Environment and Society is organised in seven sections:

  • Environmental thought: past and present
  • Valuing the environment
  • Knowledges and knowing
  • Political economy of environmental change
  • Environmental technologies
  • Redesigning natures
  • Institutions and policies for influencing the environment

Key themes include: locations where the environment-society relation is most acute: where, for example, there are few natural resources or where industrialization is unregulated; the discussion of these issues at different scales: local, regional, national, and global; the cost of damage to resources; and the relation between principal actors in the environment-society nexus.



“This is a monumental and timely contribution to scholarship on society and environments. The handbook makes it easy and compelling for anyone to learn about that scholarship in its full manifestations and as represented by some of the most highly respected researchers and thinkers in the English-speaking world. It is wide-reaching in scope and far-reaching in its implications for public and private action, a definite must for serious researchers and their libraries”
Bonnie J. McCay, Professor, Rutgers University, USA

“This is the desert island book for anyone interested in the relationship between society and the environment. The editors have assembled a masterful collection of contributions on every conceivable dimension of environmental thinking in the social sciences and humanities. No library should be without it!”
Associate Professor Robyn Eckersley, University of Melbourne, Australia