The Living Land

  • The Living Land book coverPublisher: Earthscan
  • First published: 1998
  • ISBN: 978-1-85383-517-9

The Living Land sets out a new ‘stakeholder’ vision for rural regeneration in Europe. It integrates three themes: sustainable agriculture, localized food systems and rural community development. All three offer ways of rebuilding natural and social capital, and a large ‘sustainability dividend’ is waiting to be released from current practices, creating more jobs, more wealth and better lives from less.



  1. A Living Land for Rural Europe
  2. The Dying Land: Modern Agriculture’s Legacy
  3. Sustainable Agriculture in Europe
  4. The Food System: Hunger and Plenty
  5. Adding Value to Food for Local Communities
  6. Dying Rural Communities: The Social Costs of Countryside Modernisation
  7. Participation and Partnerships for Community Regeneration
  8. Financial Support and New Policies for A Living Land


“Marshals the medical, social and economic arguments for a more sustainable agricultural policy.”
New Scientist

“Well-documented, coherently-argued and free of romantic rural mythology.”
Times Higher Educational Supplement

“An ambitious book with a vision that could benefit wildlife, strengthen rural communities, create jobs, improve food quality and reduce pollution.”