The Pesticide Detox

  • The Pesticide Detox book coverPublisher: Earthscan
  • First published: 2005
  • ISBN: 978-1-88407-142-5

Since the 1960s, the world’s population has more than doubled and agricultural production per person has increased by a third. Yet this growth in production has masked enormous hidden costs arising from widespread pesticide use – massive ecological damage and high incidences of farmer poisoning and chronic health effects.

Whereas once the risks involved with pesticide use were judged to be outweighed by the potential benefits, increasingly the external costs of pesticides, to environments and human health, are being seen as unacceptable.

The Pesticide Detox explores the potential for the phasing-out of hazardous pesticides and the phasing-in of cost effective alternatives already available on the market. This book makes clear that it is time to start the pesticide detox and to move towards a more sustainable agriculture.



  1. Pesticide Use and the Environment
    Jules Pretty and Rachel Hine
  2. The Health Impacts of Pesticides: What do we Know?
    Misa Kishi
  3. Paying the Price: The Full Cost of Pesticides
    Jules Pretty and Hermann Waibel
  4. Corporations and Pesticides
    Barbara Dinham
  5. Agrobiologicals and Alternatives
    David Dent
  6. Farmer Decision Making and Ecological Pest Management
    Catrin Meir and Stephanie Williamson
  7. The Human and Social Dimensions of Pest Management for Agricultural Sustainability
    Niels Röling
  8. Ecological Basis for Low-Toxicity Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Rice and Vegetables
    Kevin Gallagher, Peter Ooi, Tom Mew, Emer Borromeo, Peter Kenmore and Jan-Willem Ketelaar
  9. Towards Zero-Pesticide Use in Tropical Agroecosytems
    Hans Herren, Fritz Schulthess and Markus Knapp
  10. Transforming Potato Systems in the Andes
    Steve Sherwood, Donald Cole, Charles Crissman and Myriam Paredes
  11. Breaking the Barriers to IPM in Africa: Evidence from Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana and Senegal
    Stephanie Williamson
  12. Towards Safe Cocoa Pest Management in West Africa
    Janny Vos and Sam Page
  13. Agroecological Interventions in the USA
    Carol Shennan, Tara Pisani Gareau and J Robert Sirrine
  14. The Transition to Safe Pest Management in Industrialised Agricultural Systems
    Stephanie Williamson, David Buffin
  15. Policies and Trends
    Harry van der Wulp and Jules Pretty